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Always a great day to be a Tar Heel

Meet our Tar Heels

“It’s a great day to be a Tar Heel” is a phrase you’ll often hear around Carolina, and for a good reason.

Every day, Tar Heels create a positive impact on the world by improving their communities and inspiring change through their talents. They’re artists, scientists, humanitarians, researchers and innovators doing extraordinary things.

Meet our students and find out why every day is really is a great day to be a Tar Heel!

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Carolina creators

  • Jonah Lewis in front of a stage with mic setup

    Jonah Lewis

    By day, Jonah Lewis studies history and information science at Carolina. But at night, you'll find him performing comedy at open mic nights around Chapel Hill. Lewis, who has cerebral palsy and requires a wheelchair, hopes to use his comedy to share his life experiences with a wider audience.

  • Susan Huynh

    Susan Huynh

    As a first-generation student, Susan Huynh explored many of the new academic opportunities open to her in Chapel Hill, but it wasn’t until she began working as a painting assistant at PlayMakers Theatre that she fully saw all that college had to offer. What began as a simple on-campus job as a painting assistant quickly became her passion.

  • Thoai Vu

    Thoai Vu

    Thoai Vu is the founder and president of Heeling in Harmony, a music performance-based student organization that seeks to promote healing and help improve the quality of life through music. Members of the group visit local retirement communities and hospitals to perform music and interact with residents.

  • John Vance in the art studio

    John Vance

    At Carolina, John Vance has had the opportunity to explore several artistic mediums and expand his repertoire to include pottery, album art and fashion.

  • Aysha Diallo

    Aysha Diallo

    When Aysha Diallo was looking for a group to join as a first-year student, she tapped into her passion for music and turned to Carolina’s student-run WXYC radio station to be a DJ. Diallo is now the voice of “Free Samples,” a hip-hop specialty show.

  • Varun Jain

    Varun Jain

    Varun Jain is balancing his computer science schoolwork and college life while also running his own company, which is working to improve food distribution networks in India.